ISWI’S Partner, GIG, Signs Second Major Ligaz888 Interactive TV Betting Service Agreement With ITV Digital

Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISWI), based in West Paterson, NJ, developed and patented a software platform which enables users to wager play-by-play while watching a live sporting event. ISW and its partner Global Interactive Systems, Ltd. have issued two releases today outlining agreements that have been made (TeleWest Communications and ITV Digital) with two of the largest digital TV providers in the UK.


WEST PATERSON, N.J.–Sept. 10, 2001–Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISWI – news) announced today that its licensee and financial partner, Global Interactive Gaming, Ltd. (GIG), signed its second agreement to develop and launch an interactive wagering product. This agreement is between GIG and ITV Digital, a communications provider with an established base of over one million Interactive TV and Internet customers, now offering the world’s first commercial digital terrestrial TV platform. The two companies will jointly develop a fully interactive, play-by-play consumer betting product, with a rollout expected for early 2002. The ultimate goal is to extend GIG’s service to all of ITV Digital’s 1.1 million customers.


GIG’s interactive wagering product utilizes ISWI’s unique, patent protected, SportXction(TM) software platform. The licensing agreements signed in March 2000 between ISWI and GIG, provide to ISWI as license fees, a share of the revenue from all systems utilizing its technology. (for more information see “About ISWI – GIG License Agreements”, below.)


Barry Mindes, Chairman & CEO of Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc. stated, “We are extremely pleased that GIG has signed its second development and distribution agreement in the last week, this one with ITV, one of the true pioneers of interactive television. These agreements validate ISWI’s decision to partner with one of the leading communications and media groups in the UK. By aligning the SportXction(TM) platform with the leading Digital Television providers, who are committed to developing, marketing …

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A New QQ Online Mode of Pit Boss Application Technology

Continuing to develop strategic Player Relationship Management (PRM) solutions to the gaming industry, 4GL Solutions, Inc. has unveiled its PRM Pit Boss Application to its current suite of services.

A New Mode of Pit Boss Application Technology

Irvine, CA (July 8, 2002) — Continuing to develop strategic Player Relationship Management (PRM) solutions to the gaming industry, 4GL Solutions, Inc. has unveiled its PRM Pit Boss Application to its current suite of services.

Through intense investigation of the industry, the company found that there existed another opportunity to provide an internal operational solution that would assist the many responsibilities of a Pit Boss. The primary assignment is mainly to monitor betting performance. That is, tracking the individual profit and losses of the individual player as part of the profiling process. This enables the Pit Boss to also provide additional services to the player dependent upon their needs such as providing markers (Cash Advances) or other considerations.

This process is currently a manual event that hinders the required Player Relationship Management aspect. Implementing a wireless application and hardware, this allows the Pit Boss to capture the player’s card number, including VIP players who will be highlighted for recognition and service. Each player’s betting performance is then easily tracked and wirelessly transmitted to the casino’s operational systems. Additionally, if a QQ Online player requests a marker, the information can be transmitted to the cashier’s cage for approval and a marker ticket printed from the wireless device. This avoids the annoying manual process that can take up to 30 minutes.

With years of engineering and design experience in software, networking, wireless, database management, and business intelligence, 4GL Solutions has been providing the gaming industry with PRM solutions. These solutions include platforms to advance player recognition, increase retention and cultivate data strategies through kiosk and …


Do Slot Holdem Hands Change Values?

Here is the game: You are playing Texas Holdem and in each of the various situations you get to choose which hand you would rather have 78 suited or AJ offsuit.

  1. Everybody folds and you are first in on the button.
  2. There are five limpers and you are on the button.
  3. There are two callers and you are in middle position.
  4. You are in the big blind against an early position raiser.
  5. Everybody folds and the button raises and you are in the big blind.

Think it over before reading any further.

  1. This one is pretty clear cut. AJ figures to be the best hand and plays well in a short handed pot.
  2. This is the one that the Internet people shocked me on. They all liked the AJ in this situation. This is the result of computer analyses, AJ won a significantly higher percentage of pots than the 78 suited.

In poker the winning players are not the ones that win the most pots. Obviously if you played every hand you would win many more pots than a conservative opponent, if you plan on playing every hand, make sure that you bring plenty of Slot money, you’ll need it. When you have one opponent that is virtually playing every hand, try to sit on his left. You want to isolate this person as much as possible. Also, you should make a deal with him, “every time I win a pot I will give you $5, every time you win a pot you give me $5” this will be quite profitable.

Now back to the analyses: 78 suited plays well with many people ( in this case 6 or 7 depending on whether the little blind calls), this is a drawish type hand and you will always be getting great …

The Slot ligaz888 Slant



The slot department on the casino floor can be a confusing place. Hundreds of different machines greet the player. Bright colors, mindless electronic tunes and flashing lights seem to assault the senses. Different pay tables and payoff percentages; straight payoffs or progressive slot systems; win-a-car prizes or take the money and run; the choices are tremendous. Just making a decision about which machine to play often seems to be daunting.


Can you win playing a slot machine?


Yes. Slot machines are set to pay back a certain percentage. In New Jersey, by law, slot machines must pay back 83 percent of the money played. In Nevada, it’s 75 percent. Most major properties in each jurisdiction, however, pay back much more than that.


But even at 75 percent, a player can hit a lucky streak and go home a winner. Sure, most players may not win anything, but there are plenty who do win if they know the secret. Somebody’s got to get lucky. Why can’t it be you?


The key to beating the slot machines is to quit while you’re ahead. Money management is sometimes an overused term in the gamblers’ world, but it applies here. Set a reasonable win goal. If you have a budget of $100, don’t try to double your money. The chance of that happening is remote. Quit when you get $25 ahead. Go enjoy a show. Get a meal. Or simply watch the other players. And when you get home, you can say you beat the casino.


Most progressive slot systems (Megabucks, Quartermania, Pokermania) pay out their jackpots over a 20-year period. What happens if the casino goes out of  business during that time? What are the payout percentages for these systems?


In the case of the …


Winning UFAis a Verb

There are players, who watch things happen, players who make things happen, and those who end up broke, asking, “What happened?” When players make things happen they are probably winning, or at least investing wisely and having fun. When players passively let things happen (e.g., calling anything, not raising or folding), they are likely in one of two modes: Losing or Breaking Even. For some, breaking even is winning enough. For others, breaking even means risking funds that are needed to pay bills. Players who neither win nor lose are non-winners, “almost” players who won’t quite reach their goals. They are more prone to let things happen. Even though players break even, it’s better than chasing impossible hands. Players who make things happen will chase the cards based on odds, rather than chasing their luck!

“Making” vs. “Letting” Things Happen

Passive gaming usually involves playing on hunches and feelings. In short, not thinking. While it’s true that people can be lucky and do win on hunches, too many passive players consistently let impulse rule their responses. Losing is the eventual outcome. Such losing players seldom take responsibility for how they play. While ill fate happens to everyone at some point, winners will seek solutions and learn something from their mistakes. Winners take those losses in daily stride and act on them. On the other hand, losers prefer to blame everything but themselves. A loser is not actively building hands or playing the odds. A loser passively lets hands happen. Just as some people wait for success to come to them, passive players whine about how bad the cards are but won’t leave the table and say “no” to losing.

The Activity of Winning

Winning is not a passive outcome. It involves building hands based on odds and how “alive” the …

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Poisonous Poker: A Sbobet Indonesia Poker Cop Mystery

There have been three poisoning deaths at the Las Vegas Majestic’s Poker Room. The Chief of Poker Room Security, Talbot, The Poker Cop, continues the investigation.

Detective Rook, Chief of the Las Vegas Strip Police, ignores Donny the Dealer’s story of the strange goings-on at the Sinners Table and to Red Penny and me he says, “This was not a total waste of my time. While you two were watching the betting and raising, I was watching, and taking notes, on the drinks. Before I see the bartenders and the waitresses I want an explanation of how poker room bar service works.”

Red Penny calls the Food and Beverage Manager, who sends down Ann Gilhooley, the Department’s Beverage Services Supervisor.

Ann Gilhooley, “Ancient Annie,” is a sour-faced curmudgeonly old lady who, according to Joey Rosenberg, was the waitress at the Last Supper. Annie, charming as ever, walks in and asks Rook, “Who the hell are you?”

Rook explains that he is, in fact, LVPD Detective Lieutenant Richard Rook, which earns him a heartfelt, “You don’t look like a cop. Tally looks like a cop. You look like one of my ex-husbands and he wasn’t no cop. Hey, Tally is this guy really a cop?”

“Mrs. Gilhooley,” says Red Penny, “I don’t think. . .” Annie turns her full attention to Red Penny, “Good, dear, keep that up.” She then gives the shocked Red Penny a long up and-down look, notes the long red hair, the perfect make-up, and the tight black leather dress. “Tally! Did you rent Latex Girl here from S&M; ‘R US?”

While I am truly enjoying Red Penny’s discomfort there is work to be done. I tell her, “Annie, love, I need you to be serious. Three poker players were poisoned tonight. We think it was in …

A hundred is too much for 90 minutes of Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya



Manchester City are still on course for a four-trophy grand slam this season after advancing to the F.A. Cup semi-finals, where they will meet Watford. However after Sergio Aguero netted a late winner to complete a 3-2 comeback at Swansea City, TV replays showed the Argentine had clearly been offside. There were questions too surrounding City’s penalty award too.


VAR was not available at the Liberty Stadium although was being employed at the other three quarter-finals. Last season when Swansea were Premier League they also used it. The jury is still out on VAR, its obvious benefits nullified in many eyes by the time it takes to reach a decision. A half-baked introduction does not help its cause either.


The F.A. should have insisted all the quarter-finals had VAR or none at all.


More Than A Profit

* Barcelona v Manchester United is the most attractive of the last eight ties in the Champions League but travelling fans will have to pay £102 for the privilege of watching it live in the away ground. While Man Utd are subsidizing their followers in Catalonia by £27 to make up the difference to what they are charging Barca fans, is this the first time UCL tickets have reached three figures for this stage of the competition? As many fans protest, ‘twenty is plenty’ but one hundred is surely too much.


* For some reason everyone was cooing over Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya Lionel Messi’s hat-trick away to Real Betis on Sunday and it is true his third goal was so sublime the home fans applauded his magical feet. Yet since he has already netted half a century of three-goal matches for the blaugrana, most against the whipping-boys who make up …


George’s Dominoqq Premiership Predictions

bet365Chelsea v Arsenal is this week’s big Premier League. Jose doesn’t do defeats at home to his nearest rivals. Arsene Wenger has a poor record against the man from Setubal. George is going for a tense and dreary 1-1 draw. Other title contenders Manchester City should beat bottom club Fulham at home and Liverpool are heavy Dominoqq favourites to take all three points at Cardiff after their win at Old Trafford last weekend.


Chelsea 1 v Arsenal 1

Cardiff  1 v Liverpool 3

Everton 2 v Swansea 1

Hull 1 v West Brom 2

Man City 3 v Fulham 1

Newcastle 1 v Crystal Palace 1

Norwich 1 v Sunderland 0

West Ham 1 v Man Utd 2


Sunday 23 March


Tottenham 1 v Southampton 2

Aston Villa 1 v Stoke 1


English Pair 4/11 To Miss Out On Champions League Final


Chelsea and Manchester United are in the hat for Friday’s 2013/14 Champions League quarter final draw but bet365 are 4/11 about no Premier League club being in the final come May with the Red Devils the outsiders of eight to lift the famous trophy once more.


bet365 spokesman Steve Freeth “Both sides were handed favourable last 16 ties, which of course Manchester United made heavy weather of, but a glance at the betting now shows the pair might struggle this time around.”


Chelsea and Man Utd are 11/2 to be drawn together on Friday with an English winner quoted at 7/1.


2013/14 Champions League Outright EW ½ 1,2


Bayern Munich 15/8 Barcelona 7/2

Real Madrid 4/1 PSG 9/1

Atletico Madrid 12/1 Chelsea 12/1

Borussia Dortmund 14/1 Man Utd 16/1


Nationality Of Winner


Spain Evs Germany 7/5

England 7/1 France 9/1


Number Of English Sides To Reach …

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Travels With the Camel

The Power of Positive Thinking


I don’t mind admitting that 2004 was a pretty dreadful year for me. I chased around the globe playing loads of big tournaments and spending a small fortune in expenses. I lost a huge amount of money.


After a particularly dreadful trip to Vegas in December, I was so depressed that when I got home, I was teetering on the brink of giving up poker.


I spent a lot of time thinking and evaluating my game over Christmas. After discussing everything with my girlfriend, I decided to give it one more shot in 2005.


Some things had to change. My bankroll and my sanity couldn’t cope with the battering they suffered last year. So, with help from some friends, I instituted a battle plan for the New Year.


Firstly, I decided to cut down on the number of big events I played. When I first gave up work to play poker, there was only one $10,000 event a year: the World Series of Poker. Now, with the boom in poker fuelled by the phenomenal success of the World Poker Tour, there is, seemingly, a 10 grand comp every other week! Now, I may think I’ve got a fair edge in every event I play, but for that edge to become apparent, I needed to play more events than I could afford. When you are playing on a tight budget, each bad beat hurts disproportionately more than it should. And when the way I played started to suffer (that is, trying to limp into the money instead of going for the gusto), I really knew enough was enough.


I will certainly play the WSOP this year; the value in that event is so huge, I would urge anyone who believes …

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What’s In a Name?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is not generally considered a poker movie, but it does feature a brilliant poker confrontation in the very first scene. The film opens with a threehanded game of draw poker involving Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and an unnamed tough guy. At this stage in the movie, we know nothing about the eponymous heroes of the film, so scriptwriter William Goldman uses poker as a means of introducing their characters.


Redford is the big winner in a tense high-stakes game, but when he tries to drag in yet another sizeable pot, the tough guy loses his cool, calls Redford a “goddamn cheat,” and looks set to draw his gun in order to recover his losses. Indeed, there was something not quite right about the way Redford held the cards in his fist when he dealt.


Newman — talkative, witty, and likeable — is the intermediary in the argument, persuading Redford to just give the man his money back so that they can get back on the road. Hell, there’s plenty more where that came from. But Redford has been insulted and wants to keep his winnings. As tension mounts, Newman continues to act the diplomat, trying to persuade his friend to back down. Redford still won’t budge, so eventually Newman gives up with a seemingly throwaway line: “Can’t help you, Sundance.”


Cut to the tough guy. He’s gone pale. There is fear and panic all over his face. Just the mention of that name — “Sundance” — tells him that he’s just picked a fight with the wrong guy, a mistake likely to prove fatal. There is a dramatic pause, and then, speaking slowly, the tough guy says: “I didn’t know you were the Sundance Kid when I said you were cheating. …