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Alcohol is undoubtedly cool, but it can often be abused. Earlier this week, the wife was rushed to hospital after a Buckfast frenzy. I say rushed, but the ambulance took a disgraceful 35 minutes to arrive; I’d have driven myself if it wasn’t a Champions League night. The wife is now in the ‘Soccer AM’ position, she’s relying on tubes to survive.


It’s not all been good news this week though; I’m really struggling to find a value bet in the match between Arsenal and West Ham. If a gun was placed to my head i’d suggest a win for Arsenal at 1/2. If a gun was placed to the wife’s head; i’d say that I never negotiate with terrorists.


Finding a winner in the Reading v Liverpool match is a far simpler proposition. The arrival of Mascherano has added real steel to the Scouse armoury; I’m nicking the evens for a Liverpool win.


David James has had plenty of critics over the years and I’m afraid I have to once again question his decision making. The Pompey Togel Hongkong keeper is sporting the campest beard since Wayne Rooney’s little ginger effort earlier in the season. The Manchester United train to titleville is stopping off at Portsmouth; I’m boarding at 8/15.


Speaking of a little ginger effort, I’ve seen worse investments than the 3/1 for Paul Scholes finding the net at any time. Sir Alex believes that the refreshed day-sleeper holds the key to United winning the title; I refuse to argue with the vastly experienced Sweaty.


Newcastle United should take a leaf out of Wayne Rooney’s book; the Geordies can’t buy a result at the minute. The Toon Army are winless and goalless in their last four league matches; Sheffield United …

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Klinsmann & Pekerman with Bitcoin Dice




Jose Pekerman and Jurgen Klinsmann cut very distinct figures as they fulfilled their obligations to the waiting media following the 2-2 draw that ensured Germany topped group A on goal difference.


Having come up with the brainwave of seeing the hosts in unfamiliar red, a confident Klinsmann only rarely betrayed any impatience with a questionner with the tightest of smiles. Yet his serene authority was as evident as that of Pekerman, despite the age gap.

Bastian Deisler, whose Klaus Allofs tribute – taking the form of hairstyle and facial hair – has coincided with his regaining, besides adding to, all the attributes that saw him hailed as a prodigy before a battle with depression almost derailed his career, stood out.

Klinsmann though reluctant to single out individuals, could hardly help it in this case, and after praising Deisler’s formidable rhythm, continued: “When he plays like this I give the other players instructions simply to feed him!” In the absence of fellow midfielder Ballack, Deissler had two surges from deep that required smart saves from Argentina’s Lux.


The coach, whose record so far bears comparison with the best of his managerial predecessors, characterised Germany’s progress thus: “In five years they say we have not beaten a ‘big’ team, but I would remind you that in five year a ‘big’ team has not beaten us!

“We have a very young set of players, but they are witnessing their own development. had they won they would not have been conceited, but realistic.


“Unfortunately Argentina have a team that you can never be sure will not score, and we were not awake for their second goal. Inexperience requires time, but my boys still showed everyone we can perform without Ballack, who is their leader.”

Pekerman’s demeanour, on this …

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tidak sedikit web judi mirip yg menawari tidak sedikit promo di dalamnya terlebih ganjaran diwaktu Daftar Judi Bola Online Terpercaya Indonesia, lebihl ebih di hari-hari natural, di mana union Eropa atau Italia dan Belanda pun ramai-ramainya, web ini juga jadi web yg geger dikunjungi tidak sedikit orang.


tambahan pula kamu tidak cuma mampu mengatur taruhan Daftar Judi Bola Online saja di sini, kamu tengah dapat menyaksikan kontes yg masih berjalan memanfaatkan feature live streaming atau menonton score baru-baru ini memanfaatkan feature live score.


kantor cabang judi bola paling baik semula lebih memuliakan layanan Daftar Judi Bola  Togel Singapore Terpercaya paling baik dalam lakukan pendataan kepada member baru, mengeluarkan deposit ataupun membawa withdraw atau kejayaan kamu kapan pula yg kamu inginkan dan di mana berulang kamu beruang. sedang yg maju.


Tentunya seluruhnya ketertutupan data bersumber kamu, baik data pribadi dan akun kamu dapat tertangani dan senantiasa aman di dalam web judi bola terpercaya. pastinya itu seluruhnya untuk kenyamanan dan keamanan dalam main Daftar Judi Bola Online  Indonesia terhadap Anda.




Situs Poker Online memang masih menjadi permainan paling populer di Indonesia saat ini.

Tapi masih saja banyak orang yang selalu kalah main di Poker Online ini.

Kenapa masih mau main kalau kalah ? hobi ? kebanyakan uang ? atau gak tau gmn cara menang ? atau memang gak ngerti main nya gmn ?


Situs Judi kali ini akan bantu buka deh cara pemikiran nya agar lebih terbuka dan lebih bisa memanfaatkan kesempatan yang ada utnuk bisa menang.

Mau menang gak perlu modal besar ,gak perlu berdukun,gak perlu juga chat admin minta tolong.

Gak ada guna nya hal seperti itu ,mau menang ya lakukan aj cara untuk menang yang Situs Judi ajarkan di sini.


100 % …

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Patrick Clarke, an online qualifier who won his seat via a €4 “cheap seats” satellite, has bested a total field of 411 runners to win this year’s €2,000 + €250 Paddy Power Poker Irish Open Main Event and a total of €250,000. 411 players entered the event, which was 94-players shy from the 2013 event.


Clarke, who finished 14th in this event last year for his career highest score of $4,414, takes home €200,000 for the top prize, and a €50,000 bonus.


The €50,000 over the tournament’s top prize of €200,000 comes courtesy of the Paddy Power Sole Survivor competition, which, in true movie-script style, went all the way to heads up. Online qualifiers finishing 2nd-6th highest (including runner-up Dave Pollock) receive entry into next year’s Irish Open Main Event. In total, 47 places were paid, with cashes going to the likes of Gerard Harraghy, Chris Dowling, Dave Masters and the Voice of Poker Jesse May.


Irish Open Main Event Final Table Results


1st. Patrick Clarke – €200,000*

2nd. Dave Pollock – €130,500

3rd. Liam Chevalier – €97,500

4th. Thomas O’Shea – €73,800

5th. Oliver Lynch – €54,500

6th. Michael Gilligan – €38,500

7th. Barry Donovan – €26,500

8th. Jonathan Lundy – €19,250




GUS HANSEN WINS HEADS-UP CHAMPIONSHIP AT FULL TILT POKER GALWAY FESTIVALThe UK versus Ireland heads-up poker championship at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival was won by a Dane as Gus Hansen took the honours yesterday. The Great Dane collected €16,151 and the trophy, after he defeated Dave Nicholson in the final.


To get to the final Hansen defeated Max Silver (semi-final), Jamie Burland (quarter-final), Shaun Conning (round of 16) and Jude Ainsworth (round of 32). “There …

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They say, if you can’t beat them, join them … but, since it’s the 21st century, why not strike a synergistic marketing deal with them instead?


That’s what the Barona Resort & Casino in San Diego did with sister resorts, The Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas – they’ve struck a deal to share customers.


In a relationship announced Monday, the Barona in San Diego and the two Las Vegas resorts will offer their loyal customers reciprocal complimentary hotel, dining and gaming deals.


“It’s a win-win-win for all of us,” said Barona Resort & Casino General Manager Rick Salinas.  “Our frequent casino guests occasionally want the Las Vegas experience and their gamblers occasionally want the San Diego experience.


“To our thinking, this is a great way to reward our most valued Barona patrons,” Salinas continued. “It gives our guests special privileges at two of the most luxurious casino properties in Las Vegas and it gives their guests the opportunity to experience the leading gaming resort in California.”


In a bid to attract more Southern Californians to the brightly lit Las Vegas Strip, The Venetian and The Palazzo, owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS), are inviting Barona’s burgeoning customer base to visit their exclusive Las Vegas properties with hard-to-refuse offers of complimentary suites, meals, gondola rides and more.


“We’re not competing with Las Vegas any more, we’re actually complementing Las Vegas and Las Vegas is complementing us,” said Salinas. “Our players want the same luxurious amenities and superior customer service during their visit to Las Vegas as they’ve come to expect here at Barona.”


Both properties – the Barona in San Diego and Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas – are at the upper end of Togel Singapore resorts in their respective states.…

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Pay No Rake is the newest in online poker sites with a difference – A big difference! Here you will get a great first deposit bonus of 100% up to $1000, but not only that, you can get up to 100% rakeback, paid daily!! This is unheard of in the online gaming industry, and is sure to be a big winner amongst the online poker community with both new and long standing players. They also offer re-load bonuses, and great action tournaments. Playing here is like being paid to play poker online. Start earning your poker rake back now – at PayNoRake


Gin Rummy the thinking mans poker!


If playing poker online isn’t your thing, or you love classic card games but fancy something a bit more challenging, then rummy could be for you. There are several versions of rummy games, but Gin Rummy is the most popular and most played. The game differs in that there are 2 players, and each is dealt 10 cards. There is more to Rummy than that, but you can get all the informormation on how to play, at the gin rummy school. You may be surprised at just how many players are regularly playing online gin rummy. Don’t be left out, join the red hot rummy community online now


Online Spades


The game of spades has been a popular in America for a long time, but its only recently that playing spades online become available and popular. Spades is a different card game altogether to poker or rummy, but just like those games, it requires some skill to play. Spades online can be played from 1 player up to 4 players. Spadester provides an easy to understand guide to playing spades. You can play for fun or …


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Blackjack casino bonuses are a major point to consider while gambling from the internet casinos. If you want to get an idea on the varied blackjack bonus schemes and match ups from the different casinos online, it’s smarter to consult any reputed casino directory in this case. The esteemed casino guides come up with a separate section committed to some of the best blackjack bonuses around. You will get to know about the bonus type, its value, match up, wagering requirements, whether cashable or not, bonus code, software and also of the host casino review.


However, blackjack is quite a complex game and it calls for a thorough knowledge of its rule when you are about to play it live from the online casinos. Thus, the quality web casino directories also feature an individual category as guide to blackjack. You are informed on the gaming rules, its different jargons, the plying strategy online, the mistakes to avoid and also some very valuable winning tricks. The visitors are given tips on how to lessen the house edge as much as possible say nearly 0.4%. The guide is surely a great help for the amateur players before they jump to play directly from the internet casinos.


Beat the dealer in blackjack


When you are playing blackjack, be sure that blackjack is a game of skill. Blackjack contributes less to the chance part and more to the strategy and skill part. Hence you can master your skills over time and beat the dealer almost every time Basketball Betting reviews. In this article we will go through some of the most known and tested strategies to beat the dealer as easily as possible.


Basic strategies


Remember to stay on 17 or a better hand

If you somewhere …

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How Live Black Jack Gambling Togel Online Came To Be



Live black jack gambling started out as a complicated, mind-boggling table game set in old-fashioned gambling houses, back when the first casinos were still not yet formally introduced. Black jack has managed to remain in its best form, in the center of casinos, and on top of the game lineup list of online casinos. More than that, black jack gambling is also on top of the list of the most popular casino games around. Indeed, black jack has come a long way, but its extensive run in history did nothing to dull the bright fame of the classic black jack gambling.


In its earliest form, live black jack gambling was nothing more than a French game called vignte et un. In French, the term stands for 21. Vignte et un was already played with the basic and essential black jack rules that still governs the classic black jack game we now know. These same rules also serve as the foundation of the modifications that the black jack game has received through the years. Vignte et un was known to be a combination of the best aspects of many different games such as chemin de fer and even baccara. This is why black jack’s earliest origins are unclear. Although it is formally known that black jack originated in France, there are also Spanish and Italian influences that have been poured into the game.


Vignte et un was first introduced in the 1700s, and it reached the United States in the 1800s after a long and successful run all over Europe’s gambling scene. When vignte et un reached the United States, it came to its peak point as a casino game. By that time, it was now known as 21 or Lucky 21. The game has also received …

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If any individual discovers to utilize the information offered in this writing, authorization needs to misbehave by emailing the application’s data, unless called for the system were not attacked by Clicking Heap Prefix or when the special right to Number Heap Obtain and also remain in the previous phone. Each time you access the Web, your access provider typically maintains a log of all your online tasks and information. A VPN (an exclusive digital network) is a software program that utilizes file encryption and a masking approach to conceal your IP address online solution carrier network. Typically, mounting a VPN on your tool will boost optimal personal privacy and protection while you gain access to and stream material online. Among the obstacles encountered today by net individuals are personal privacy and safety problems. This is since Top TELEVISION consists of numerous protection concerns, and also, it’s not lawful (Third-party). We suggest mounting Ipvanish VPN for optimal internet safety and security.

Why You Required a VPN While Streaming? Numerous streaming applications and also websites make use of area constraints to safeguard their material from unplanned target markets. Many websites that use streaming will have you pay regular monthly registrations. In my viewpoint, the ThopTV for COMPUTER Application is a questionable equine of cost-free streaming internet sites and also applications thoptv app. Also, I would very advise that you inspect it out. No, Top TELEVISION is not readily available in the iphone application shop. Top TELEVISION is a Web procedure tv solution company offering you incredible networks with stunning attributes. Thoptv for Android supplies various varieties of networks in the application to see and delight in the motion pictures, internet collection and reveals at totally free of expense. There are countless TELEVISION networks readily available on this application that can …

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Proper Online Poker Pace To Acquire Poker Tournaments Gambling


What Complete Tilt appears to be trying to say is that, in reality, using US banks probably skittish about getting something related to some of those indicted associations or gamblingassociated cash generally, the poker companies might want to think about miscode their obligations to receive them through the computer system. Nothing like using a prior companion of your prosecutors in your defense group. Likewise, as with other internet games, horse racing betting games can also be made accessible in 3D, which provides excellent play. Just click the country that you would like more info about, and you’re going to learn where and how to bet in that condition. At the event, begin by displaying the space, even though this can’t work to their paying budget or occasion wants.

If you begin well, it may be interesting to check their abilities to the numerous stakeholders. If you are more familiar with the match, you can start the wonderful work. The deals need the poker net sites to maintain”all documents concerning all fiscal judi bandar qq transactions; all documents concerning site databases; all internal email correspondence; along with all company records normally.” Some deal provides the impression to participate in these particular functions. The websites will be asked to post DoJprovided banner statements describing their constraints vis US online players.

An arrangement was struck between the US DOJ and a couple of the online poker websites to sanction them to repay gamers’ bucks. Moreover, the more folks to play against, the greater the chances for players. A terrific number of issues will probably bandarqq be less difficult to conquer by you once you attempt showing the chances without causing errors, and that is the reason you need to fulfill your hopes of winning Singapore pools by simply selecting the successful solutions …