Breast Augmentation Financing

Breast augmentation costs are traditionally relatively inexpensive when compared to the benefits of a renewed appearance, better fitting clothing, and a well proportioned figure. Generations before, breast augmentation was popular among the rich and famous. Today, breast augmentation costs are reasonable for most women interested in the procedure. In fact, patient financing is common for plastic surgery procedures today. There are plans available for women of all credit ratings. Furthermore, plastic surgeons may offer insurance programs to pay for breast implant replacement and the costs of complications should the need arise. The list of benefits I patient financing makes the procedure appealing for most any women, including:
Free Choice in the Plastic Surgeon: Patient financing programs are available to all plastic surgeons. So, women may select the plastic surgeon they wish to see first and the finance plan second.
Credit Approval Flexibility: There are finance plans available for people with low credit scores and poor credit histories. There are options for co-signers as well.
Inclusive Spending: Financing for breast augmentation includes all costs such as surgeon’s fees, facility, fees, breast implant fees, and anesthesia fees. Finance companies may also allow for financing of other plastic surgery procedures. Other plastic surgery procedures may be performed simultaneously or over the course of time, as directed by a plastic surgeon.
Low Interest Rates: There are plans available with no interest and short term pay off as well as low interest plans with long term pay off for up to 5 years following surgery.
No Penalties: There is no penalty associated with early pay off in patient financing.
Waived Application Fees: There is not typically an application fee associated with patient financing.
Breast Implant Replacement Costs: Some plastic surgeons provide warranties for the replacement of breast implants should the implants leak or rupture over time.
Revision Breast Surgery Cost Coverage: Patient financing is available to cover the costs associated with revision breast surgery.
Complication Cost Insurance: Some plastic surgeons may participate in insurance plans to provide benefits for the cost of complications from surgery should a complication arise.
In the end, patient financing for breast augmentation is worthwhile. There is no need to delay surgery because of costs any longer. In fact, patient financing companies offer plans that may be more flexible than major credit cards. For any Aesthetics marketing inquiries, contact Aesthetics marketing agency