Weird Itch? Strange Nails?

Fungal infections are among the most persistent and widespread skin conditions. They include athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and many nail and scalp infections. If you find yourself with an infection, see your doctor about the treatment option that’s best for you. Below are some tips and facts that may help you deal with or prevent a fungal infection. For more information go to Fungal Guide.

Toenails are nearly seven times more likely to develop a fungal infection than fingernails. That’s because the warm, moist environment created by socks and shoes is ideal for fungal growth. If you develop a fungal infection, seek treatment from your doctor. Untreated fungal infections often spread to other nails.

Jock itch is a fungal infection in the groin creases that is common in warm climates. It appears as a reddish brown scaly rash, sometimes with small blisters or pustules. If you think you have jock itch, seek medical treatment – an untreated infection can spread to the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen.

Contrary to popular belief, ringworm has nothing to do with worms! It’s a fungal infection characterized by red and scaly ring-shaped patches on the upper body, hands or feet. If you have a suppressed immune system, play contact sports or have a child who has a fungal skin infection, you’re more likely to get ringworm. See your doctor for treatment options.

Think twice before jumping in that hot tub! Hot tubs, saunas and spas are all ideal environments for the organisms that cause fungal infections. Check your nails often for any changes in colour or texture. And pay particular attention to your feet – toenails are seven times more likely …

toto hk Set to Kick Off on Stars

The online poker spotlight turns to PokerStars this weekend for the highly anticipated World Championship of Online Poker. The event is set to begin tomorrow, Friday September 4th, starting at 14:30 EST with a $215 buyin NL Hold’em 6-max tournament with a $1 million guarantee. The series features 33 events with a combined $30 million in guarantees, toto hk making this year’s toto hk the biggest online tournament series yet.
The schedule this year features several new games that were not found in last year’s lineup. These include a NL Hold’em 4-max event, a Mixed Hold’em 6-max tournament, a NL 2-7 Single Draw tournament, and an 8-game Mixed Event that should prove very interesting. There are also some high buy-in tournaments that should attract a good bit of attention. Two events with a $10,300 buy-in are offered this year — Event #5, a High Roller NL Hold’em tournament with a $2 million guaranteed, and Event #32, a HORSE tournament with a $1.6 million guarantee. The highest buy-in on the schedule is sure to be a fan favorite. Event #19 is a NL Hold’em Heads Up tourney sporting a hefty $25,500 buy-in and a $1.6 million guaranteed prize pool.
Sundays are highlighted by NL Hold’em tournaments with big guarantees. In a somewhat surprising move, PokerStars has made these tournaments into 2-day events, with play continuing into Mondays. This decision caused a bit of a stir in the online poker community, with many players voicing their opinion that the 2-day events should run Saturday/Sunday rather than Sunday/Monday.
Stars is also offering 2nd Chance tournaments for each event this year. These are tournaments that start a few hours after their corresponding event. They have a slightly smaller buy-in and offer you another shot at your chosen game if you happen to be among …

On the tournament trail, January 21st

It has been a positively sick week, with another millionaire made in the poker world, and two other main events of series going on. The Aussie Millions have come to a close, the WPT World togel Poker Open is heading into Day 2, and the World Series of Poker Circuit in Tunica will be having its final table tomorrow.
However, the ending to the Aussie Millions wasn’t all positive. A young poker player from Oklahoma got robbed early Monday morning in Australia. Jason Potter, 22, was robbed at knifepoint for $30,000. Potter made a deep run in the Aussie Millions, finishing 31st. Due to the fact that the robbery occurred close to the Crown Casino, there is a chance a surveillance video might have been able to pick up what transpired.

On the better side of things, the Aussie Millions Main Event just wrapped up this past weekend. Going into the final table of 7, there was only one notable pro: Erik Seidel. An extremely wily and experienced veteran, Seidel has won 8 bracelets, good for a tied fourth on the all time list. Down from 780 original runners, here’s what the final table and payouts looked like.

Michael Chrisanthopoulos – 6,806,000
Antonio Casale – 1,995,000
Nino Marotta – 1,649,000
Erik Seidel – 1,491,000
Alexander Kostritsyn – 1,439,000
Peter Mobbs – 1,357,000
Peter Ling – 877,000

Final Table Payouts:
1st: $1,650,000 AUD
2nd: $1,000,000 AUD
3rd: $700,000 AUD
4th: $500,000 AUD
5th: $400,000 AUD
6th: $300,000 AUD
7th: $225,000 AUD

Even with the massive chip lead, Michael Chrisanthopoulos had to have Erik Seidel on his mind. The kind of experience he possessed over the table was amazing. However, time would tell whether this veteran’s experience was enough to work through the final table and the massive chip leader.

Just thirteen …

togel hongkong hari ini Strategy: Hard 12

Learning the correct moves in blackjack, those moves that have the highest odds of success, is the key to being a good player and having the most success. Too many people try to go with their gut or just wing it, but blackjack basic strategy was created for a reason. It has been shown time and again to be the best way to reduce the house edge pinup online and the moves are those that give you the highest percentage chance of success.

Earlier I dissected the strategy for soft hands and right now we’re dealing with hard hands. In this case, it is a hard 12, which is any hand with a value of 12 that does not use an ace as an 11. The correct moves can be found on any togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy chart, but here they are in more detail.

If the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6 as an upcard, you should stand. If the dealer shows anything else, you should take a hit.

This is the first hard hand we’ve covered where you would stand in any situation. That is because, unlike those hands, with a hard 12 there is a possibility of going bust. A 10 card is the most prevalent card in the deck, and receiving one would give you a total of 22, which would cause you to lose.

Basic strategy recognizes both the good possibility of being dealt a 10 card and the good possibility of the dealer having a 10 in the hole. For that reason, a dealer showing a 4, 5 or 6 has a good chance of having a stiff hand (12-16). Stiff hands have a high probability of busting, since the dealer is unable to stand on them. Because the dealer has …

Review of Real Poker: The Cooke Collection

Roy Cooke is one of the better known columnists for Card Player Magazine. Since 1993 he has been writing insightful articles on Poker Strategy, and Real Poker: The Cooke Collection is a compendium of his articles up through 1998. Overall, I find Cooke to be one of the more insightful Card Player columnists, and while not all of his articles are gems, a significant number of them reveal an important, intrinsic truth about the game of poker.

The book is divided into five sections: Introduction; Play of Hands; Theory, Strategy, and Tactics; Philosophy of Life and the Game, and Miscellaneous Topics. Truth be known, these divisions are rather arbitrary, as they were not on Cooke’s mind as high-level topics when the articles were originally written. These sections do serve to break up the book a bit, though. Unhappily, few changes were made from how they appeared in magazine form to this book. Many of Cooke’s key concepts are stated repetitiously. This isn’t so bad when the Slot Gacor reader will have a two week gap enforced between reading successive articles, but in a book like this the repetition and seasonal context often appear awkward at best.

As one might imagine from any collection of articles that span six years of a writer’s career, the essays range in quality from the banal to the sublime. Although I feel much of Cooke’s best work has been in 1999, there are a lot of winning strategies expressed in these pages. It is quite clear that Cooke is a successful professional poker player, and he manages to impart a great deal of his winning methodologies in his articles. Many authors try to communicate their strategies by presenting them as universal truths. Cooke tends to avoid this, and in his best articles, he presents one …

Full Tilt Hearing to Go Private?

Amid rumors of their impending purchase by mysterious European buyers, Full Tilt Poker’s public hearing over their suspended license may soon become a private affair. Held in the city of London, the hearing has already been postponed until the middle of September.
Here’s what lead Full Tilt lawyer Michael Heslop had to say on the matter, as reported by eGaming Review Magazine:
“It is not in the interest of justice that this should be aired in public. There is a real risk that it may be detrimental to these interests and highly prejudicial to this decision.”
Part of the company’s reasoning here may lie in the supposedly looming purchase. If the hearing were to remain public, information on the potential buyers would leak out into the open market. This could affect the ability of the two parties to strike their monumental deal. The most closely watched bit of news would likely be the pending repayment of player accounts. Currently, Full Tilt owes approximately $150 million in cashouts, stemming from the notorious Black Friday lockouts.
As previously stated, the purpose of this UK-based hearing is to determine whether or not Full Tilt breached the terms of their agreement with the crypto gambling Control Council. The AGCC, who suspended the company’s license in June, doesn’t feel that a closed hearing is in their best interest.
“The purpose of the hearing,” read the group’s statement earlier this month, “will be to make public evidence from both AGCC and Full Tilt regarding the suspension of Full Tilt’s license and to adjudicate the findings transparently.”
Currently, the AGCC is seeking repayment for licensing fees which, they claim, Full Tilt failed to send in. According to, these fees amount to a whopping £250,000.
Since Full Tilt Poker had its gaming license revoked by the Alderney …

$115K Jackpot 먹튀검증사이트  Winner Glad She Stayed In To Play Slots + 3 Million Dollar Jackpots at Slotastic!



wad-vegasmania-jackpot-90.jpgA special ed teacher named Sara M was glad she passed on a night of clubbing with friends in favour of a quiet night at home playing online slot machines. She was playing the Vegas Mania slot machine when she hit the jackpot and won $115,803.

“My mates wanted me to go out with them but I just somehow felt more like staying in that night,” said the winner. “Part of me did want to go out but in the end I’m sure glad I just made myself a drink and settled in for a night playing slots instead of going clubbing!”


“My friends sometimes make fun of me when I’d rather play slots than go out but after that incredible night I don’t think I’ll be getting teased quite so much!”


There were two large progressive jackpot winners at in December, but this is the first one this year. After a record-breaking $198K jackpot win on the Heavenly Reels slot machine before Christmas, another player won $109K playing Gold Boom at the end of the month.


With the launch of its fourth video poker game last month, now has 11 one-of-a-kind games in its lobby: six unique slot machines and four video poker games. All of the slot machines are tied to the WinADay progressive jackpot.


Million Dollar Jackpots Available to US Players


You’ll find the absolute biggest jackpots available to American players at, a new casino site designed especially for slots players. At over $1.6 million, the Jackpot Pinatas jackpot is the largest jackpot available, but two other jackpots have also reached seven-figures. The Aztec’s Millions jackpot and the jackpot tied to both the Mid-Life Crisis and Shopping Spree slots are all well over $1 million. We love …

Crypto Gambling

Klinsmann & Pekerman with Bitcoin Dice

Jose Pekerman and Jurgen Klinsmann cut very distinct figures as they fulfilled their obligations to the waiting media following the 2-2 draw that ensured Germany topped group A on goal difference.

Having come up with the brainwave of seeing the hosts in unfamiliar red, a confident Klinsmann only rarely betrayed any impatience with a questionner with the tightest of smiles. Yet his serene authority was as evident as that of Pekerman, despite the age gap.

Bastian Deisler, whose Klaus Allofs tribute – taking the form of hairstyle and facial hair – has coincided with his regaining, besides adding to, all the attributes that saw him hailed as a prodigy before a battle with depression almost derailed his career, stood out.

Klinsmann though reluctant to single out individuals, could hardly help it in this case, and after praising Deisler’s formidable rhythm, continued: “When he plays like this I give the other players instructions simply to feed him!” In the absence of fellow midfielder Ballack, Deissler had two surges from deep that required smart saves from Argentina’s Lux.

The coach, whose record so far bears comparison with the best of his managerial predecessors, characterised Germany’s progress thus: “In five years they say we have not beaten a ‘big’ team, but I would remind you that in five year a ‘big’ team has not beaten us!

“We have a very young set of players, but they are witnessing their own development. had they won they would not have been conceited, but realistic.

“Unfortunately Argentina have a team that you can never be sure will not score, and we were not awake for their second goal. Inexperience requires time, but my boys still showed everyone we can perform without Ballack, who is their leader.”

Pekerman’s demeanour, on this occasion at least, could only be …


The Central Bank of Italy (Banca d’Italia) is that country’s first governmental authority to issue a statement on virtual currencies. It recently published three directives:


Warnings on use of virtual currencies (30 Jan 2015);

Notice on virtual currencies (30 Jan 2015);

Notice of Central Authority for Reporting on virtual currencies (2nd Feb 2015).

The “Notice About the use of virtual currencies” (published on the Supervisory Bulletin No. 1, January 2015) is a summary of guidance previously issued by the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Banking Authority (EBA), and the Financial Action Task Force. The Central Bank of Italy is the first to release any statements based on the ECB’s comments. The Notice clarifies the legal status of virtual currencies in Italy with this important statement:


“In Italy the purchase, use and acceptance of virtual currency must be considered lawful activity: the parties are free to transact in amounts not expressed in legal tender.”


The January 30 Notice on virtual currencies also contains an analysis of the guidance published by the EBA, and agrees with the EBA’s recommendation that financial institutions should avoid buying or investing in virtual currencies until a formal legal framework has been established. This means the Central Bank will not ban regulated institutions from dealing in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, but advises them to wait until formal regulations are announced.


The Notice allows financial institutions regulated by the Bank of Italy to do business with any virtual currency companies, provided that they respect existing AML/KYC requirements for account holders and warn them about the risks involved. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK COINS WEBSITE



The Notice of Central Authority for Reporting on virtual currencies of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) warns that using virtual currencies may enable money laundering and terrorist …