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Travels With the Camel

The Power of Positive Thinking


I don’t mind admitting that 2004 was a pretty dreadful year for me. I chased around the globe playing loads of big tournaments and spending a small fortune in expenses. I lost a huge amount of money.


After a particularly dreadful trip to Vegas in December, I was so depressed that when I got home, I was teetering on the brink of giving up poker.


I spent a lot of time thinking and evaluating my game over Christmas. After discussing everything with my girlfriend, I decided to give it one more shot in 2005.


Some things had to change. My bankroll and my sanity couldn’t cope with the battering they suffered last year. So, with help from some friends, I instituted a battle plan for the New Year.


Firstly, I decided to cut down on the number of big events I played. When I first gave up work to play poker, there was only one $10,000 event a year: the World Series of Poker. Now, with the boom in poker fuelled by the phenomenal success of the World Poker Tour, there is, seemingly, a 10 grand comp every other week! Now, I may think I’ve got a fair edge in every event I play, but for that edge to become apparent, I needed to play more events than I could afford. When you are playing on a tight budget, each bad beat hurts disproportionately more than it should. And when the way I played started to suffer (that is, trying to limp into the money instead of going for the gusto), I really knew enough was enough.


I will certainly play the WSOP this year; the value in that event is so huge, I would urge anyone who believes …

poker online 2021

What’s In a Name?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is not generally considered a poker movie, but it does feature a brilliant poker confrontation in the very first scene. The film opens with a threehanded game of draw poker involving Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and an unnamed tough guy. At this stage in the movie, we know nothing about the eponymous heroes of the film, so scriptwriter William Goldman uses poker as a means of introducing their characters.


Redford is the big winner in a tense high-stakes game, but when he tries to drag in yet another sizeable pot, the tough guy loses his cool, calls Redford a “goddamn cheat,” and looks set to draw his gun in order to recover his losses. Indeed, there was something not quite right about the way Redford held the cards in his fist when he dealt.


Newman — talkative, witty, and likeable — is the intermediary in the argument, persuading Redford to just give the man his money back so that they can get back on the road. Hell, there’s plenty more where that came from. But Redford has been insulted and wants to keep his winnings. As tension mounts, Newman continues to act the diplomat, trying to persuade his friend to back down. Redford still won’t budge, so eventually Newman gives up with a seemingly throwaway line: “Can’t help you, Sundance.”


Cut to the tough guy. He’s gone pale. There is fear and panic all over his face. Just the mention of that name — “Sundance” — tells him that he’s just picked a fight with the wrong guy, a mistake likely to prove fatal. There is a dramatic pause, and then, speaking slowly, the tough guy says: “I didn’t know you were the Sundance Kid when I said you were cheating. …

Qiu Qiu

There’s life in the old Qiu Qiu dog…unfortunately



Like Wayne Rooney, I’m a lover of the old. I’m never happier than when some wrinkled old seaside-bungalow hogger is regaling me with tales of a bygone age.


If my old man is to be believed, and he’s not, football was completely different in the old days. Goals were celebrated by a handshake, an assault on a goalkeeper was practically encouraged and heading the ball led to a short stay in hospital, which was basically a shed with a sponge.


I’m unsure of the best way of handling the Qiu Qiu elderly when they reach such a constant state of dull reflection, but only a fool should rule out euthanasia. It looks like Avram Grant will soon be put out of his misery; Sunderland can lend a helping hand at 7/1.


Mohammed Al Fayed is another pensioner who appears to have lost the plot. He’s gone from Coleman to Sanchez to Hodgson; he’s only one step away from a Souness. Everton will make Fulham pay the ultimate price at 6/5.


Time has also caught up with the once sharp Harry Redknapp. The technophobic manager’s memory is in such a poor state, he’s now being cordial to the BBC. The old people alliance will not be amused by this shock development. I’ll be splitting my sides when the Villa leave Fratton Park with the win at 21/10.


If Derby are dead and Fulham are dying, then Newcastle have just found a rather large mole. I can certainly empathise; I wake up next to a large lump every morning. A bet on Birmingham to beat Newcastle at 13/10 will lead to a substantial growth in the betting bank.


Now that Rafa Benitez has finally came to his senses, Liverpool’s results have improved dramatically. I …

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Seoul Score, Seongnam Soar, Suwon Solid and Agen Slot



After going for almost 700 minutes of K-League football without scoring, FC Seoul’s coach Senol Gunes would have tried anything to break the drought. It is unknown however if it was the Turk who booked the half-time entertainment for the game against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors on May 12.


It could be a coincidence that the team scored shortly after the FC Seoul shirt-sporting saxophonist belted out ‘Dancing Queen’ though maybe not.


Almost two months and seven games since last hitting the back of the net, Lee Sang-yeop swept home a spilled shot from close range against the Asian Champions.


The Jeonbuk net rippled six minutes from the end and, as one would expect, it caused a great deal of excitement among the goal-starved fans and players. So much so that just 30 seconds later, the Asian Champions equalized.


The scoreline stayed 1-1 which sees Seoul slip to sixth, ten points behind unbeaten leaders Seongnam.


The seven-time  champions are relentless. Seongnam are unbeaten not only in this K-League season so far but for the last seven games of 2006. Three more points came on Sunday evening with a 2-1 win that was more comfortable than the scoreline suggests against a struggling Busan I’Park team. The visitors’ late consolation was only the sixth goal that Seongnam ‘keeper Kim Yong-dae has conceded this season.


Just as solid these days, if not quite as dynamic in attack, are last-season’s runners-up, Suwon Samsung Bluewings. It is fortunate for the league that the Bluewings are managing to keep the yellow machine in sight at the top of the table.


Suwon’s defence is a miserly one, always giving the three-time champions a chance to collect three points. They have been doing without Ahn Jung-hwan who has played …

Togel Hongkong Beer Today Scone Tomorrow




Alcohol is undoubtedly cool, but it can often be abused. Earlier this week, the wife was rushed to hospital after a Buckfast frenzy. I say rushed, but the ambulance took a disgraceful 35 minutes to arrive; I’d have driven myself if it wasn’t a Champions League night. The wife is now in the ‘Soccer AM’ position, she’s relying on tubes to survive.


It’s not all been good news this week though; I’m really struggling to find a value bet in the match between Arsenal and West Ham. If a gun was placed to my head i’d suggest a win for Arsenal at 1/2. If a gun was placed to the wife’s head; i’d say that I never negotiate with terrorists.


Finding a winner in the Reading v Liverpool match is a far simpler proposition. The arrival of Mascherano has added real steel to the Scouse armoury; I’m nicking the evens for a Liverpool win.


David James has had plenty of critics over the years and I’m afraid I have to once again question his decision making. The Pompey Togel Hongkong keeper is sporting the campest beard since Wayne Rooney’s little ginger effort earlier in the season. The Manchester United train to titleville is stopping off at Portsmouth; I’m boarding at 8/15.


Speaking of a little ginger effort, I’ve seen worse investments than the 3/1 for Paul Scholes finding the net at any time. Sir Alex believes that the refreshed day-sleeper holds the key to United winning the title; I refuse to argue with the vastly experienced Sweaty.


Newcastle United should take a leaf out of Wayne Rooney’s book; the Geordies can’t buy a result at the minute. The Toon Army are winless and goalless in their last four league matches; Sheffield United …

Shelter Humanity

Pre-Release of BCH-Powered Paymentbutton | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin





Soupernerd (a Bitcoin Cash advocate) announced that he had begun the testing phase for a new BCH-powered payments button. will initially feature a payment button. However, plans are in place to include other features.


Paybutton Developer launches Pre-Release, Announces Testing Phase is a new Shelter Humanity payment option that allows users to send and tip bitcoin cash directly to content creators and service providers. While the final release of the application has not yet been announced, Soupernerd (the developer) announced that the pre-release phase and testing phase. Soupernerd said that the Paybutton Team is waiting for Badger Wallet updates prior to activating this as a payment option. More testing is ongoing.


“ are pleased to announce the pre-release launch, and testing phase,” said Soupernerd on Reddit r/btc. “Host a Paybutton on Your Site with Just a Snippet of Code and Convert 160+ Currency to BCH Live — [Paybutton] fully hosted on Github website.


Paybutton creator, Soupernerd, explains that a lot credit is given to the Badger Wallet and development teams for making the platform available. Soupernerd claims that Paybutton developers are thinking of more than just a simple payment button. Soupernerd discusses a static badge design that could be placed near the BCH Zoo in the r/btc thread. Additionally, Soupernerd shows images of a donation badge as well as a concept called “Paybutton Carts.” “We will keep pre-release folders in place, even if there are new releases, until further notice.”


Pre-Release of BCH-Powered Paymentbutton


Paybutton creator, ‘Soupernerd ‘, is well-known within the BCH community.


Additional BCH-Powered Button Applications In the Works


Paybutton is one of two BCH payment buttons applications currently in the early stages. These applications were born after Ryan X Charles, …

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Klinsmann & Pekerman with Bitcoin Dice




Jose Pekerman and Jurgen Klinsmann cut very distinct figures as they fulfilled their obligations to the waiting media following the 2-2 draw that ensured Germany topped group A on goal difference.


Having come up with the brainwave of seeing the hosts in unfamiliar red, a confident Klinsmann only rarely betrayed any impatience with a questionner with the tightest of smiles. Yet his serene authority was as evident as that of Pekerman, despite the age gap.

Bastian Deisler, whose Klaus Allofs tribute – taking the form of hairstyle and facial hair – has coincided with his regaining, besides adding to, all the attributes that saw him hailed as a prodigy before a battle with depression almost derailed his career, stood out.

Klinsmann though reluctant to single out individuals, could hardly help it in this case, and after praising Deisler’s formidable rhythm, continued: “When he plays like this I give the other players instructions simply to feed him!” In the absence of fellow midfielder Ballack, Deissler had two surges from deep that required smart saves from Argentina’s Lux.


The coach, whose record so far bears comparison with the best of his managerial predecessors, characterised Germany’s progress thus: “In five years they say we have not beaten a ‘big’ team, but I would remind you that in five year a ‘big’ team has not beaten us!

“We have a very young set of players, but they are witnessing their own development. had they won they would not have been conceited, but realistic.


“Unfortunately Argentina have a team that you can never be sure will not score, and we were not awake for their second goal. Inexperience requires time, but my boys still showed everyone we can perform without Ballack, who is their leader.”

Pekerman’s demeanour, on this …

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Daftar Judi Bola Togel Online Terpercaya Indonesia




tidak sedikit web judi mirip yg menawari tidak sedikit promo di dalamnya terlebih ganjaran diwaktu Daftar Judi Bola Online Terpercaya Indonesia, lebihl ebih di hari-hari natural, di mana union Eropa atau Italia dan Belanda pun ramai-ramainya, web ini juga jadi web yg geger dikunjungi tidak sedikit orang.


tambahan pula kamu tidak cuma mampu mengatur taruhan Daftar Judi Bola Online saja di sini, kamu tengah dapat menyaksikan kontes yg masih berjalan memanfaatkan feature live streaming atau menonton score baru-baru ini memanfaatkan feature live score.


kantor cabang judi bola paling baik semula lebih memuliakan layanan Daftar Judi Bola  Togel Singapore Terpercaya paling baik dalam lakukan pendataan kepada member baru, mengeluarkan deposit ataupun membawa withdraw atau kejayaan kamu kapan pula yg kamu inginkan dan di mana berulang kamu beruang. sedang yg maju.


Tentunya seluruhnya ketertutupan data bersumber kamu, baik data pribadi dan akun kamu dapat tertangani dan senantiasa aman di dalam web judi bola terpercaya. pastinya itu seluruhnya untuk kenyamanan dan keamanan dalam main Daftar Judi Bola Online  Indonesia terhadap Anda.




Situs Poker Online memang masih menjadi permainan paling populer di Indonesia saat ini.

Tapi masih saja banyak orang yang selalu kalah main di Poker Online ini.

Kenapa masih mau main kalau kalah ? hobi ? kebanyakan uang ? atau gak tau gmn cara menang ? atau memang gak ngerti main nya gmn ?


Situs Judi kali ini akan bantu buka deh cara pemikiran nya agar lebih terbuka dan lebih bisa memanfaatkan kesempatan yang ada utnuk bisa menang.

Mau menang gak perlu modal besar ,gak perlu berdukun,gak perlu juga chat admin minta tolong.

Gak ada guna nya hal seperti itu ,mau menang ya lakukan aj cara untuk menang yang Situs Judi ajarkan di sini.


100 % …

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Patrick Clarke, an online qualifier who won his seat via a €4 “cheap seats” satellite, has bested a total field of 411 runners to win this year’s €2,000 + €250 Paddy Power Poker Irish Open Main Event and a total of €250,000. 411 players entered the event, which was 94-players shy from the 2013 event.


Clarke, who finished 14th in this event last year for his career highest score of $4,414, takes home €200,000 for the top prize, and a €50,000 bonus.


The €50,000 over the tournament’s top prize of €200,000 comes courtesy of the Paddy Power Sole Survivor competition, which, in true movie-script style, went all the way to heads up. Online qualifiers finishing 2nd-6th highest (including runner-up Dave Pollock) receive entry into next year’s Irish Open Main Event. In total, 47 places were paid, with cashes going to the likes of Gerard Harraghy, Chris Dowling, Dave Masters and the Voice of Poker Jesse May.


Irish Open Main Event Final Table Results


1st. Patrick Clarke – €200,000*

2nd. Dave Pollock – €130,500

3rd. Liam Chevalier – €97,500

4th. Thomas O’Shea – €73,800

5th. Oliver Lynch – €54,500

6th. Michael Gilligan – €38,500

7th. Barry Donovan – €26,500

8th. Jonathan Lundy – €19,250




GUS HANSEN WINS HEADS-UP CHAMPIONSHIP AT FULL TILT POKER GALWAY FESTIVALThe UK versus Ireland heads-up poker championship at the Full Tilt Poker Galway Festival was won by a Dane as Gus Hansen took the honours yesterday. The Great Dane collected €16,151 and the trophy, after he defeated Dave Nicholson in the final.


To get to the final Hansen defeated Max Silver (semi-final), Jamie Burland (quarter-final), Shaun Conning (round of 16) and Jude Ainsworth (round of 32). “There …

Focus Supplements

Extreme Conditioning Reviews of and Focus Supplementsby Vimgo


If you pay a visit to specialty and fitness nutrition shops, you might have been surprise by the increasing amount of substantial octane post workout drinks popping up in retail shelves. Their packaging keeps acquiring sexier and the names far more complicated and large tech.So when we stumbled upon the P90X Restoration Consume by Beachbody, we were taken aback. The packaging design was very simple and elegant. The merchandise claims created sense and were well explained. No mega macho super large tech BCAA’s or turbo charged mumbo jumbo to transform your body with just a easy serving. Just a clear explanation of what the product or service is and why it’s very good for you.Owning previously reviewed Beachbody’s flagship P90X Severe Home Health and fitness Program (which we identified to be a superlative exercise routine and now a mainstay of modern physical fitness culture), we decided to put the P90X Peak Performance Recuperation & Outcomes formula (P90X Recovery Consume for short) to the test. We asked ourselves a incredibly straightforward question: Is this recuperation drink stand up to the reputation that was established by P90X, the training? The answer is a resounding YES!What are Focus Supplementsand drinks and why chose the P90X brand?Unlike most right after-work out snacks, recovery drinks are intended to maximize the benefits of your workouts by speeding up the restoration approach that occurs in the nick of time following your physical exercise routines.Although exercising, your entire body is burning calories from fat and accessing glycogen merchants for energy. Glycogen is produced up by glucose molecules stored in muscles and produced with the assist of a hormone called insulin. As you workout your blood sugar drops and your insulin levels reduced.And as you work out, you muscle fibers undergo micro trauma. Soon after your workout, your