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A recently developed alternative to a rental truck for moving is to use a truck/trailer moving company. These people will drive the truck for you, but you have to do the packing. If you can’t fill the whole truck, no worry. You pay only for the space you use.


Are you intimidated by the thought of having to drive your rental truck across the country, or even across town? A rentals truck can be tricky to maneuver in traffic, hard to park, and generally stressful to drive. Fortunately there is an alternative available for do-it-yourself-ers. This alternative is to use a truck/trailer mover.


A couple of brand names that provide this alternate to Flatbed Truck Hire service are Help-U-Move and U-Pack. One of the main advantages to using a you-pack rental trailer service as an alternative to a rental truck is that it doesn’t matter how much or how little you have to move. You only have to pay for the amount of space you use in the truck. The truck rental trailer you will pack is a full sized trailer, and someone else will do the driving. All you have to do is make the arrangements and do the packing.


The rentals truck trailer option is advertised as being a bargain alternative to a full service moving van line, like Mayflower, and not that much more expensive than using a rental truck like those from U-Haul. There is a minimum charge, however, based on a minimum amount of rental trailer space you must use.


The minimum fee for Help-U-Move is $850. This fee is for three feet of length in the rental truck, which is nine feet wide and eight feet high. Extra travel distance will raise this amount.


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