Do Slot Holdem Hands Change Values?

Here is the game: You are playing Texas Holdem and in each of the various situations you get to choose which hand you would rather have 78 suited or AJ offsuit.

  1. Everybody folds and you are first in on the button.
  2. There are five limpers and you are on the button.
  3. There are two callers and you are in middle position.
  4. You are in the big blind against an early position raiser.
  5. Everybody folds and the button raises and you are in the big blind.

Think it over before reading any further.

  1. This one is pretty clear cut. AJ figures to be the best hand and plays well in a short handed pot.
  2. This is the one that the Internet people shocked me on. They all liked the AJ in this situation. This is the result of computer analyses, AJ won a significantly higher percentage of pots than the 78 suited.

In poker the winning players are not the ones that win the most pots. Obviously if you played every hand you would win many more pots than a conservative opponent, if you plan on playing every hand, make sure that you bring plenty of Slot money, you’ll need it. When you have one opponent that is virtually playing every hand, try to sit on his left. You want to isolate this person as much as possible. Also, you should make a deal with him, “every time I win a pot I will give you $5, every time you win a pot you give me $5” this will be quite profitable.

Now back to the analyses: 78 suited plays well with many people ( in this case 6 or 7 depending on whether the little blind calls), this is a drawish type hand and you will always be getting great …