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Soupernerd (a Bitcoin Cash advocate) announced that he had begun the testing phase for a new BCH-powered payments button. will initially feature a payment button. However, plans are in place to include other features.


Paybutton Developer launches Pre-Release, Announces Testing Phase is a new Shelter Humanity payment option that allows users to send and tip bitcoin cash directly to content creators and service providers. While the final release of the application has not yet been announced, Soupernerd (the developer) announced that the pre-release phase and testing phase. Soupernerd said that the Paybutton Team is waiting for Badger Wallet updates prior to activating this as a payment option. More testing is ongoing.


“ are pleased to announce the pre-release launch, and testing phase,” said Soupernerd on Reddit r/btc. “Host a Paybutton on Your Site with Just a Snippet of Code and Convert 160+ Currency to BCH Live — [Paybutton] fully hosted on Github website.


Paybutton creator, Soupernerd, explains that a lot credit is given to the Badger Wallet and development teams for making the platform available. Soupernerd claims that Paybutton developers are thinking of more than just a simple payment button. Soupernerd discusses a static badge design that could be placed near the BCH Zoo in the r/btc thread. Additionally, Soupernerd shows images of a donation badge as well as a concept called “Paybutton Carts.” “We will keep pre-release folders in place, even if there are new releases, until further notice.”


Pre-Release of BCH-Powered Paymentbutton


Paybutton creator, ‘Soupernerd ‘, is well-known within the BCH community.


Additional BCH-Powered Button Applications In the Works


Paybutton is one of two BCH payment buttons applications currently in the early stages. These applications were born after Ryan X Charles, who had removed bitcoin cash support for his Money Button Project, decided to support BSV. Badger Wallet, which was founded after the Money Button’s demise, has been hard at work refining a BCH payments button. offers another alternative to the Money Button, the bitcoin cash payment button and API. was explained by Ty Everett on November 19.


Pre-Release of BCH-Powered Paymentbutton


Here are some examples of the current modal button and a preview for the static badge.


Giving incentives to website hosts, bloggers and content creators, even if they don’t know how code


Soupernerd announced on r/btc, which was met with enthusiasm by BCH supporters who are eager to see a range of crypto-fueled payments buttons. One BCH supporter outlined their vision for how payment buttons will transform the web.


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