What are the spider mites, and how they harm cannabis?

cannabis spider mites



Spider mites are part of the mite’s family; along with that, these mites have tiny sharp mouths that pierce the cannabis plants and suck out all the content from them. This action will cause the small yellow, white or orange speckles on the plant leaves of cannabis. So, if you see these spots on your cannabis plants, then it must be the spider mites.


These mites commonly appear on the cannabis plants, so it is our foremost duty to get rid of the cannabis spider mites, which need some simple ways and techniques, and those methods will be listed in the upcoming paragraphs.


Some essential techniques to kill the spider mites from cannabis plants


  • Use a hard water spray:-


First of all; you need to spray the hard water solution on your cannabis plants; you need to follow this step by three mornings in a row. The hard water spray can be the most useful technique because it will lead the spider mites to fall on the ground, and once they fall on the ground, they will not be able to move anywhere.


Because the hard water will hit them so badly, and if they do not move anywhere else, they will be destroyed early because they will not get enough food, and without food, they lead to death. There is a product available in the market named Bug blaster, this is a hard spray solution, and you can use it to kill spider mites. In this way, the hard water solution can help you to get rid of this stumbling block.


  • Use a vacuum cleaner to kill them


The next object you can use to kill the spider mites is a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can be the most useful object in this situation, but you need to follow some steps to use the vacuum cleaner. First of all, you need to change the vacuum bag into a plastic container and then use that vacuum cleaner on the cannabis plants.


Once the cleaner collects the spider mites, then place the plastic container into the deep freezer. Because the extremely cold environment will kill the spider mites quickly and effectively, then throw that plastic container into the trash. Therefore, it is irrefutable that a vacuum cleaner can give you the desired results in this situation.



The final saying


To sum up, it is crystal clear that the techniques mentioned above always help you to eliminate cannabis spider mites.