A New QQ Online Mode of Pit Boss Application Technology

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Continuing to develop strategic Player Relationship Management (PRM) solutions to the gaming industry, 4GL Solutions, Inc. has unveiled its PRM Pit Boss Application to its current suite of services.

A New Mode of Pit Boss Application Technology

Irvine, CA (July 8, 2002) — Continuing to develop strategic Player Relationship Management (PRM) solutions to the gaming industry, 4GL Solutions, Inc. has unveiled its PRM Pit Boss Application to its current suite of services.

Through intense investigation of the industry, the company found that there existed another opportunity to provide an internal operational solution that would assist the many responsibilities of a Pit Boss. The primary assignment is mainly to monitor betting performance. That is, tracking the individual profit and losses of the individual player as part of the profiling process. This enables the Pit Boss to also provide additional services to the player dependent upon their needs such as providing markers (Cash Advances) or other considerations.

This process is currently a manual event that hinders the required Player Relationship Management aspect. Implementing a wireless application and hardware, this allows the Pit Boss to capture the player’s card number, including VIP players who will be highlighted for recognition and service. Each player’s betting performance is then easily tracked and wirelessly transmitted to the casino’s operational systems. Additionally, if a QQ Online player requests a marker, the information can be transmitted to the cashier’s cage for approval and a marker ticket printed from the wireless device. This avoids the annoying manual process that can take up to 30 minutes.

With years of engineering and design experience in software, networking, wireless, database management, and business intelligence, 4GL Solutions has been providing the gaming industry with PRM solutions. These solutions include platforms to advance player recognition, increase retention and cultivate data strategies through kiosk and Wireless Applications.

For further information regarding 4GL Solutions, Inc., contact Steve Radusovsky at (949) 809-2060; e-mail radusovsky@4glsolutions.com or visit www.4glsolutions.com.

OCTOBER 29, 2002 – VSBgames, an independent development team, released a heavily updated version of their newest arcade game – Xtreme Tankz Madness 2. The most important improvement of this version is the reduction of the demo file size. After a long optimization process, VSBgames managed to reduce the file size to less than half, with resulting size of 5mb, that should surely make the game accessible for more people, even with low-end internet connections.

The second, but equally important, goal of VSBgames in development of the new version was making XTM2 more accessible to newbie players. Controls were made more intuitive and in-game context tips were added that will help newbies to master the game more quickly.

XTM2 is all about tank battles with lots of different strategies players can use to achieve better results. There are 3 game types are available. In Campaign game type there are 30 levels to complete, with the ability to save between levels and upgrade the tank with earned cash. Skirmish game type is really helpful for practicing and provides full freedom of choice of map and enemies to confront. Arcade game type is classic – the main goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and to make it into the highscores list. There is free online service available to registered players – XTM2 HighScores Updater, which provides an ability to post local highscores to the XTM2 Global HighScores List.

XTM2 is packed with highly-detailed pre-rendered graphics and a professional soundtrack. Each of 13 enemy tank types has their own A.I. which greatly enrich gameplay. Full gamepad support provides a classic arcade experience.

XTM2 was published by Alawar Entertainment ¡V one of the leading companies in shareware games industry.






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